When: October, 2014
Where: 4th Street Fine Art

This new show invites the viewer to join in in a joyful introspective stroll on the paths of our youth, when we could see the world for all its wonder, its overwhelming beauty, brimming with exuberant life.

A stroll under a new moon, you might say, enticing you to put the wondrous spectacles of your childhood back on, and suddenly it is as though you can see again! See through superfluous adult conventions raised like so many smoke screen between you and the "real world". Here, nature is omnipresent, and we see its myriad of mineral, vegetable and animal incarnations the same way we did when we first discovered it, exuberant, unselfconscious, awestruck toddlers that we were.

Art enables me to create my own little private utopia. The creatures inhabiting this world are the product of a universal fusion. There are no boundaries between the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms.