I admire people who devote their undivided attention to perfecting the one craft with which they identify. I, however, often compare myself to a bee. I see my creative process as a cross pollination of sorts, between various media and crafts. I started my artistic endeavor working with graphite, colored pencils and paper. I gradually moved toward mixed media, and that evolution was facilitated by my introduction to the wonderfully versatile world of fibers, which infused my work with abstraction, and in return help me cross a bridge into wearable art. Color, organic feel and poetic whimsy imbue my work with a definite personal character.

My work germinates from my observation of nature and from the belief that all things are interconnected, that people and their natural environment exist in a mutual dependance. In that context, the process of felting, used in my mixed media pieces, becomes a physical metaphor of that universal entanglement. 

My work is a very personal exploration of universal themes that I hold dear. Our mind makes us unique as a species and as individuals. It gives us a boundless freedom to imagine and create.

Yet, as extraordinary as we have the potential to be, we must scale our ego back, to realize the other side of who we are: a piece of the gigantic cosmic puzzle in existence for a second in the history of the universe. From this, comes the awareness that we are closely connected to everyone and everything else in our life.

This particular body of works explores the enthralling world of pods and seeds, inviting the viewer to travel into a fictional realm, and maybe, reassess what we think makes us specifically human.

(Poetic rendition of the contradiction inherent to our human existence)