The Zoobywooby collection is a series of characters drawn in colored pencil designed to tickle the imagination.

Super-Terrestrial Wonders,
Everyday Impossibilities
And Others Absurdities
To The Untrained or Unwilling Eye

Color is an essential element of my drawings as it is of my life. It has an exhilarating power over me. In 1994, when I had the privilege to see the early paintings of Kandinsky as well as the works of the Blue Ritter exhibited in Münich, I felt transported to a parallel universe of raw beauty, where explosions of colors set my mind on fire. In my drawings, color plays a determining role, bringing my characters to life.

Art enables me to create my own little private utopia. The creatures inhabiting this world are the product of a universal fusion. There are no boundaries between the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms. Life is everywhere and evolution has taken place in total anarchy, free mingling for all based solely on the necessity of mutual attraction. There are no real laws of attraction except for their random nature. And so this is a world where distinctions of race, nation, religion, color, gender, size, shape etc, get blurred, become irrelevant in a way. At times the faces and bodies become a stage for contributing actors, the landscapes of fruitful collaborations. At times the inhabitants of this utopian world seem utterly confused or at least, less than in control of the situation.

This is where humor steps in, in quite a ubiquitous way. For humor permeates our daily lives and that seeing it where it is, even in hiding, is a good way to remain sane. And not taking myself too seriously helps me stay connected with the world around.