About Valerie

I began as an artist, over a decade ago, using colored pencils and paper - safe, instant and portable ingredients in the simple concoctions of a mother of three. While the number and variety of my materials and techniques have steadily increased, they depict the same poetic world where dreams and reality peacefully cohabit in vibrant colors

The natural world inspires me. I never tire of its beauty, fundamental intelligence and ability to survive and recreate itself. The human mind is an amazing manifestation of these very qualities. It demonstrates the relentless power to solve the unsolvable, imagine and realize our wildest visions.

My work is a modest attempt to realize my own little private utopia where we, humans, find our place in a parallel universe in which the animal, the vegetable and the mineral mingle, because we all came out of the same primordial soup, and yet each became our own.